The UP MSI Admin Group, composed of staff from both the main building complex and the Bolinao Marine Laboratory, provides strong support in addressing administrative functions and needs for research and extension works of UP Marine Science Institute (UP MSI).

Composed of dynamic team members headed by the Admin Officer, the UP MSI Admin group continues to support the research and extension team despite the pressing demands of the new normal set-up. To implement the operational administrative needs of the Institute’s research and extension in Diliman and Bolinao Marine Laboratory, we have an admin group in both sites. The administrative group plays an important role in the implementation of externally funded research projects and the marine laboratory alongside executing regular administrative functions of any office in the University. Currently, the admin team works on the implementation of 48 research projects, thereby supporting 146 REPS and graduate students.

This is done, in addition, to the assistance of 24 Faculty members. The administration staff’s enabling support and adherence to a culture of excellence are major factors in MSI’s continued growth and development.


Laura T. David

Lilibeth A. Salvador-Reyes
Associate Professor

Deputy Director for Instruction

Charina Lyn A. Repollo
Assistant Professor

Deputy Director for Research

Maria Vanessa Baria-Rodriguez
Assistant Professor
Deputy Director for BML

Irene B. Rodriguez
Associate Professor

Deputy Director for Facilities and Resources

Maricel C. Caro
Administrative Officer (AO III)

Admin Officer


Hazel G. Alvarez – Univ. Research Assoc I
Jerwin G. Baure – Univ. Research Associate II
Romeo T. Bides – Adm. Aide VI (Electrician II)
Anne Drew V. Carillo – University Research Associate II
Bayosa Aya Cariño-Valdez – Univ. Researcher II
Maricel C. Caro – Administrative Offcier V (AO III)
April Rose Casonete
Joan Catherine Chua – University Associate I
Jherome Co – University Research Associate II
Ronally Anne G. Dela Mata Tabo – Admin Aide VI (Clerk III)
Wilfredo V. De Guzman – Admin Aide VI (Mechanic II)
Jeric Diocton – Unic Assoc Research I
Rubie I. Esmolo – Univ. Research Associate I
Eunice Lois D. Gianan – Univ. Researcher I
Rafael L. Gipaya – Admin. Officer I (Supply Officer)
Lourie Ann R. Hinaloc – University Research Assoc. II
John Michael L. Lastimoso – University Research Assoc. I

Dolly C. Manic – Univ Research Assoc I
Abigail S. Melendres – Univ. Researcher I
Monica T. Mendoza – Admin. Assiatant II (Accounting Clerk III)
Robert A. Murial – Adm. Asst. II (Aircon Tech.II)
Nelia N. Nieto – Adminstrative Officer III (Records Ofcr II)
Orlando M. Olivar – Administrative Aide IV (Reproduction Machine Operator II)
Jacquelyn E. Peran – Univ Research Assoc I
Niño Dan G. Posadas – Univ. Research Associate II
Mariano C. Rabe – Admin. Asst. III (Mechanic III)
Jocelyn O. Razal – College Lib. III
Nicolo Carlos Rosales – Univ. Research Assoc I
Joselito Tabardillo – Univ. Researcher 1
Imelda C. Tobias – Aministrative Aide I
Brian B. Valencia – Univ. Research Associate I
Eduardo R. Villafuerte – Administrative Aide VI
Rizza G. Yabes – Admin. Asst. II


Allan B. Abuan – Administrative Aide VI (Mechanic II)
Charina C. Caalim – Administrative Officer II
Julio M. Curiano Jr. – Administrative Aide III
Gabriel P. De Guzman – Administrative Aide IV
Christopher C. Diolazo – Administrative Assistant III (Electric Foreman)
Andrew C. Dumaran – Administrative Aide IV
Alfonso C. Rubio Jr. – Administrative Aide VI (Mechanic II)


Capt. Edgardo B. Cruz – Master
C/O Abraham Q. Quindoy Jr. – Chief Officer
2/O Reyan S. Maalihan – Second Officer
2/E Ricky I Villaruel – Second Engineer
A/B1 Michael C. Manalo – Able Boadied Seaman
BSN. Leonardo S. Bagtong – Buson
A/B2 Jeffrey S. Idor – Able Boadied Seaman
OLR Reynald P. Nietes – Oiler
John Rey M. Nepumoceno – Chief Cook


Mailing Address: The Marine Science Institute, Velasquez St., University of the Philippines-Diliman, Quezon City 1101 Philippines


Administrative Office: (632) 922-3959(632) 981-8500 local 2903 Fax: (632) 924-7678

Office Hours: 8AM – 5PM, Monday to Friday