Caroline Marie B. Jaraula, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor


Ph.D. Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Illinois at Chicago, United States of America

Research Interests:
Environmental biogeochemistry, climate studies, environmental forensics biogeochemistry, organic pollutants, stable isotopes in biogeochemistry

Selected Publications:

  • Roleda M, Jaraula C, Rodolfo R, San Diego-McGlone ML, Cardenas M, Siringan FP. 2017. The tough and tenacious: thriving in natural analogues of warmer and acidic tropical marine waters. Phycologia, 56(4 (Supplement S)), 160–161.
  • Jaraula CMB, Schwark L, Moreau X, Pickel W, Bagas L, Grice K, 2015. Radiolytic alteration of biopolymers in the Mulga Rock (Australia) uranium district. Applied Geochemistry 52, 97-108.
  • Jaraula CMB, Siringan FP, Klingel R, Sato H, Yokoyama Y, 2014. Records and causes of Holocene salinity shifts in Laguna de Bay, Philippines. Quaternary International 349, 207-220.
  • Holman AI, Grice K, Jaraula CMB, SchimmelmannA, 2014. Bitumen II from the Paleoproterozoic Here’s Your Chance Pb/Zn/Ag deposit: Implications for the analysis of depositional environment and thermal maturity of hydrothermally-altered sediments. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 139, 98-109.
  • Dick JM, Evans KA, Holman A, Jaraula CMB, Grice K, 2013. Thermodynamic properties of aqueous phenanthrene& isomers of methylphenanthrene at high temperatures. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta122, 247-266.
  • Jaraula CMB, Grice K, Twitchett R, Böettcher M, LeMetayer P, Dastidar AG, Opazzo LF, 2013. Elevated pCO2 leading to End Triassic Extinction, photic zone euxinia& rising sea levels. Geology 41, 955-958. 10.1130/G34183.1.
  • Greenwood PF, Brocks JJ, Grice K, Schwark L, Jaraula CMB, Dick JM, Evans KA, 2012. Organic Geochemistry & Mineralogy. I. Characterisation of Organic Matter Associated with Metal Deposits. Ore Geology Reviews 50, 1-27.
  • Holman AI, Grice K, Jaraula CMB, Schimmelmann A, Brocks JJ, 2012.Efficiency of extraction of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons from the Paleoproterozoic Here’s Your ChancePb/Zn/Ag ore deposit & implications for a study of Bitumen II. Organic Geochemistry52, 81-87.
  • Jaraula CMB, Brassell SC, Morgan-Kiss R, Doran PT, Kenig F, 2010. Origin & distribution of tri- to pentaunsaturated alkenones in Lake Fryxell, East Antarctica. Organic Geochemistry 41, 386-397.
  • Jaraula CMB, Kenig F, Doran PT, Priscu JC, Welch KA, 2009. Composition & natural attenuation of synthetic oils & hydraulic fluid spilled on the perennial ice cover of Lake Fryxell, Antarctica. Environmental Science & Technology 43, 8, 2708-2713.
  • Jaraula CMB, Kenig F, Doran PT, Priscu JC, Welch KA, 2008. SPME-GCMS study of the natural attenuation of aviation diesel on the perennial ice cover of Lake Fryxell, Antarctica. Science of the Total Environment 407, 1, 250-262. DOI:10.1016/j.scitotnv.2008.07.064.
  • Ong JB, Aguda N, Jaraula CMB, Mateo ZRP, Pascua C, Foronda J, 2000. Tidal Effects on Groundwater in a very small tropical island, Science Diliman, Philippines.
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