2023 NAST Awardees

Established in 1976, the National Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) is the highest awarding body that recognizes Filipinos with outstanding achievements in science and technology.

Aside from being a reservoir of distinguished scholars and scientists, the Academy also became the advisory body to the Philippine president on policies that involved science and technology.

The UP Marine Science Institute (UP MSI) is proud to announce that two members of our community are among the 2023 NAST Awardees:

Dr. Gil Jacinto is among the four newly-conferred academicians. Membership to the Academy is awarded to resident Filipino scientists, elected as Academicians who have made significant contributions in their fields for the country.

A chemical oceanographer, Dr. Gil Jacinto is known for his pioneering work on land-based pollution, seawater and sediment geochemistry, and hypoxia eutrophication. His research delves into the chemical characterization of seawater to give a better understanding of the association between eutrophic waters, aquaculture, and other human activities.

The NAST Talent Search for Young Scientists (NTSYS) is a project of NAST to give young people an opportunity to present their work and encourage many more after them to pursue a career in science.

Charlon Ligson, a graduate of MS in Marine Science from UP MSI was among the finalists. He presented his paper entitled “Survival and sexual maturity of sexually propagated Acropora verweyi corals four years after outplantation” during the NTSYS last Apr 21, 2023. For this, he garnered a special citation.

The awarding ceremony for the 2023 NAST Awardees will be held on July 13, 2023.