The UP MSI Library maintains and monitors a collection of books, scientific publication, theses and dissertations, audio visual and cartographic materials, and reprints. It documents various contributions of the UP MSI to the Philippine marine science and supports its objective of graduate-level training and extension services.




The UP MSI Library, one of the satellite libraries in the National Science Complex, primarily caters to the marine science information needs of the students, faculty, REP (Research, Extension, and Professional), and administrative staff of the UP Marine Science Institute. It also accommodates the public. It is strategically situated at the upper ground floor of the UP MSI building, adjacent to the Administration Office. The library has two levels: one for client transactions and holding most of the collections, and another for viewing, studying, and collaboration spaces. The library provides physical and digital access to a comprehensive collection of literature in the biological, chemical, physical, geological and biotechnological aspects of marine science, as well as in allied disciplines.

The whole collection comprises 23,925 print and non-print books, journals, theses and dissertations, audio-visual and cartographic materials, and reprints.

The Library aims to increase wider access to electronic resources. The University Library subscribes to 48 online databases like multidisciplinary online databases (e.g. ScienceDirect, Scopus, Proquest, EBSCO, Springerlink, Annual Reviews, JSTOR, RGPL), e-book collections (e.g. GVRL, Oxford, Springer, Cambridge, EBSCO, CRCNetbase), and subject-specific publications under Science, Nature, Mathscinet, and AIP that are accessible on and off campus.

The UP MSI Library houses the Institute’s significant contributions to tropical marine science since its establishment in 1974. ISI and non-ISI publications in national and international journals, conference proceedings, books, and book chapters are regularly updated and managed in a database. Local databases of literature on seaweeds, invertebrates, Bolinao-based studies, and the West Philippine Sea are also maintained. A notable contribution is the development of the Philippine marine biodiversity database.

We offer the following services to our users: WebOPAC, current awareness. ask-a-librarian, document delivery, interlibrary loan, literature searching, bibliography compilation, library tour and orientation, internet access, printing, photocopying, and scanning. Institutional archive and repository is established to share the intellectual outputs of the MSI family to the community and assists researchers in tracing the development of the Institute.
Other facilities available are the viewing room. small meeting room, discussion area and individual carrels.