Bulletin 14: Possible oil slick sighting near Coron

Featured image: Bulletin 14: Possible oil slick sighting near Coron

The latest US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) report based on a satellite image taken yesterday, April 2, at 10:15 AM shows the detection of possible oil slicks near Coron, about 12 kilometers off of the Palawan municipality. As of now, it is undetermined if the slicks in the area possibly drifted from the location of the sunken tanker, MT Princess Empress in Mindoro, or from other sources.

During the time the image was taken, weaker winds were noted, making it highly possible for thicker slicks to form due to less breakage from calmer waves. The slicks seen measured at about 19 km in length and about 3 km in width.

Source of satellite data: Marine Pollution Surveillance Report (4/2/2023) of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Satellite and Information Service (NOAA/NESDIS) based on SENTINEL2A satellite imagery

Uncertainties of Satellite Observations: The total area cannot be confirmed due to multiple false positives observed and the diffuse appearance of the possible oil