Eizadora T. Yu, Ph.D. – Professor, Associate Dean for Mentoring, Academic Progress and Advancement, College of Science


Ph.D. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Maryland, Baltimore Country, USA

Research Interests:
Microbial enzymes and biomolecules for biotechnology and health applications. Application of advanced mass spectrometric methods, for proteomics and metabolomic characterization of biomolecules from target microorganisms; for structural studies of RNA, protein-nucleic acid and protein-protein complexes.

Selected Publications:

  • Braza MKE, Gazmen JDN, Yu ET and Nellas RB. Ligand-Induced Conformational Dynamics of A Tyramine Receptor from Sitophilus oryzae. Scientific Reports, 2019, 9, 16725.
  • Malto ZBL, Bacal CJO, Diaz MJS, and Yu ET. Local Fungal Endophytes as Rich Sources of Chitinase Genes. Philippine Journal of Science, 2019, 148(3):575-582.
  • Mendoza CB, Masacupan DJM, Batoctoy DCR, Yu ET, Lluisima AO and Salvador-Reyes LA. Conomarphins cause paralysis in mollusks: Critical and tunable structural elements for bioactivity. Journal of Peptide Science, 2019. e3179.
  • Bacal CJO and Yu ET. Cellulolytic Activities of a novel Fomitopsis sp. and Aspergillus tubingensis isolated from Philippine Mangroves. Phil. Journal of Science 2017, 146(4):403-410.
  • Geng H, Sale KL, Tran-Gyamfi M, Lane TW, and Yu ET. Changes in the structure of the microbial community associated with Nannochloropsis salina following treatments with antibiotics and bioactive compounds. Frontiers in Microbiology, 2016, 7, 1155.
  • Geng H, Sale KL, Tran-Gyamfi M, Lane TW, and Yu ET. Longitudinal analysis of microbiota in microalga Nannochloropsis salina cultures. Microbial Ecology, 2016, 72(1) 14-24.
  • Mehnds MT, Yu ET, Strobel GA, Riyaz-Ul-Hassan S, Booth E, Geary B, Sears J, Taatjes CA, Hadi MZ. An Endophytic Nodulisporium sp. Producing Volatile Organic Compounds Having Bioactivity and Fuel Potential. J Pet Environ Biotechnol. 2012. 3(3).
  • Yu ET and Hadi MZ. Bioinformatic processing to identify single nucleotide polymorphism that potentially affect Ape1 function. Mutation Research 2011. 722(2), 140-6.
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  • Yu ET, Zendejas FJ, Lane PD, Gaucher SP, Simmons BA, Lane TW. Triacylglycerol accumulation and profiling in the model diatoms Thalassiosira pseudonana and Phaeodactylum tricornutum (Baccilariophyceae) during starvation. Journal of Applied Phycology, 2009. 21, 669-681.
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  • Yu ET and Fabris D. Direct probing of RNA structures and RNA-protein interactions in the HIV-1 packaging signal by chemical modification and electrospray ionization Fourier transform mass spectrometry. Journal of Molecular Biology 2003. 330, 211-23.
  • Juinio-Meñez MA, Magsino R, Ravago-Gotanco R, Yu ET. Genetic structure of Linckia laevigata and Tridacna crocea populations in the Palawan shelf and shoal reefs. Marine Biology 2003. 142, 717-726.
  • Yu ET, Juinio-Meñez MA, Monje VD. Sequence Variation in the Ribosomal DNA Internal Transcribed Spacer of Tridacna crocea. Marine Biotechnology 2000. 2, 511-516.
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