Rene Abesamis, Ph.D. – Associate Professor


Ph.D. in Marine Biology
James Cook University, Australia

Research Interests:
Marine fish ecology, management and conservation

Selected Publications:

  • Abesamis RA, Balingit R, de Castro R, Aguila RN, Cabiguin M, Villagracia J, Susmeña M, Montemar MNT, Yocor A (2022). MPA-FishMApp – a citizen science app that simplifies monitoring of coral reef fish density and biomass in marine protected areas. The Philippine Journal of Fisheries 2: 124-138
  • Abesamis RA, Utzurrum JAT, Raterta LJJ, Russ GR (2020) Shore-fish assemblage structure in the central Philippines from shallow coral reefs to the mesophotic zone. Marine Biology 167:1-15
  • Abesamis RA (2018) Connectivity of coral reefs and other nearshore habitats: implications for marine resource management in the Philippines. Transactions of the National Academy of Science and Technology – Philippines 40: 359-371
  • Abesamis RA, Langlois T, Birt M, Thillainath E, Bucol AB, Arceo HO, Russ GR (2018) Benthic habitat and fish assemblage structure from shallow to mesophotic depths in a storm-impacted marine protected area. Coral Reefs 37:81-97
  • Abesamis RA, Saenz-Agudelo P, Berumen ML, Bode M, Jadloc CRL, Solera LA, Villanoy CL, Bernardo LPC, Alcala AC, Russ GR (2017) Reef-fish larval dispersal patterns validate no-take marine reserve network connectivity that links human communities. Coral Reefs 36:791-801
  • Abesamis RA, Stockwell BL, Bernardo LPC, Villanoy CL, Russ GR (2016) Predicting connectivity from biogeographic patterns and larval dispersal modelling to inform the development of marine reserve networks. Ecological Indicators 66:534-544
  • Abesamis RA, CRL Jadloc, GR Russ (2015) Varying annual patterns of reproduction in four species of coral reef fish in a monsoonal environment. Marine Biology 162:1993-2006
  • Abesamis RA, Green A, Russ GR, Jadloc CRL (2014) The intrinsic vulnerability of coral reef fishes to fishing and their recovery in fishery closures. Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries 24:1033-1063
  • Abesamis RA, Russ GR (2010) Patterns of recruitment of coral reef fishes in a monsoonal environment. Coral Reefs 29:911-921
  • Abesamis RA, Alcala AC, Russ GR (2006). How much does the fishery at Apo Island benefit from spillover of adult fish from the adjacent marine reserve? Fishery Bulletin 104:360-375
  • Abesamis RA, Russ GR, Alcala AC (2006) Gradients of abundance of fish across marine reserve boundaries: evidence from Philippine coral reefs. Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems 16: 349-371
  • Abesamis RA, Russ GR (2005) Density-dependent spillover from a marine reserve: long term evidence. Ecological Applications 15: 1798-1812
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