Michael P. Atrigenio, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor


Doctor of Philosophy in Marine Science, Marine Science Institute, University of the Philippines, Diliman

Selected Publications:

  • Guzman C, Atrigenio M, Shinzato C, Aliño P, Conaco C (2019) Warm seawater temperature promotes substrate colonization by the blue coral, Heliopora coerulea. PeerJ 7:e7785 https://doi.org/10.7717/peerj.7785
  • Atrigenio M, Aliño P, Conaco C (2017) Influence of the blue coral Heliopora coerulea on Scleractinian coral larval recruitment. J Mar Biol. 2017. https://doi.org/10.1155/2017/6015143
  • Cabral, R.B., S.D. Gaines, M.T. Lim, M.P. Atrigenio, S.S. Mamauag, G.C. Pedemonte, P.M. Aliño. 2016. Siting marine protected areas based on habitat quality and extent provides the greatest bene t to spatially structured metapopulations. Ecosphere. 7 (11), 1-15.
  • Villanoy, C. L. David, O. Cabrera, M. Atrigenio, F. Siringan, M. Villaluz, P. Aliño (2012) Coastal ecosystems protect shore from high-energy waves under climate change scenarios. Climatic Change. 112: 493-505.
  • Alino PM, CL Nanola, DD De Jesus, RI de Ramos, ACM Balingit, LE Robles, HO Arceo, MR Deocadez, MP Atrigenio, RJS Martinez, et al. 2012. Status of Philippine coral reefs (2008-2011). In: Baria V, R Muallil, DO de Jesus, P Samonte, MV Ricafrente, H Arceo, PM Alino, eds. Say of the coasts: Sustaining the say of the coasts reporting. Quezon City: PhilReefs, Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resoruces Research and Development and the Marine Science Institute, University of the Philippines. P. 10-15.
  • Antolin, A. M. Atrigenio, J. Acay (eds) (2005) Conservation International Philippines. Biodiversity of Penablanca Protected Landscape and Seascape. 23 pp.
  • Aliño, P.M., M.P. Atrigenio, M.C.C. Quibilan, and M.G.J.P. Tiquio (2004) The Significance of Coastal Ecosystem Stewardship to Fisheries Productivity, pp.79-83. In Turbulent Seas: The Status of Philippine Marine Fisheries. 2004. 78-83. ISBN 971-92753-4-0.
  • M.P. Atrigenio and P.M. Aliño (1996) Effects of the soft coral Xenia puertogalerae on the recruitment of scleractinian corals. Journal of Exp. Mar. Biol. and Ecol. 203/2:179-189.
  • Atrigenio, M.P., P.M. Aliño, B. Palaganas, R.T. Biña and C. Villanoy (1994) Remote sensing in Philippine marine science. Proceedings of the 3rd ASEAN-Australia Living Coastal Resources Project, Bangkok.
  • Uychiaoco A., P. Alino, M. Atrigenio (1992) Vidoe and other monitoring techniques for coral reef communities. In: Proc 3rd ASEAN Science and Technology Week Conference, Marine Science: Living Coastal Resources (Chou LM and CR Wilkinson, eds), National University of Singapore and National Science and Technology Board, Singapore, pp 35-40.
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