MSI makes a big splash at PAMS 17

17th National Symposium on Marine Science, which will be held this July 20-22, 2023 at Batangas State University – Pablo Borbon Campus, Batangas City.

Over 100 studies from the Marine Science Institute will be featured at the 17th National Symposium on Marine Science, which will be held this July 20-22, 2023 at Batangas State University – Pablo Borbon Campus, Batangas City. The symposium, organized by the Philippine Association of Marine Science to promote the role of marine research in supporting the nation’s conservation and management goals, is conducted with the theme “Saving Our Seas: Restoring marine systems for people and nature.”

Of the 109 studies that will be presented at the symposium, 68 will be oral presentations and 41 will be poster presentations. These include research studies done by undergraduates up to the tenured professors of the Marine Science Institute.

Dr. Gil Jacinto, who retired as professor last 2020, will be also serving as the keynote speaker of the symposium. His keynote presentation is titled “Philippine Marine Science: Navigating the Ocean Decade towards 2030” and is slated for Day 1, 9:00 AM.

The Marine Science Institute is also organizing two special sessions for the symposium. A workshop on using theater games to find common ground will be held on Day 2, 1:45 PM while a talk titled “Ocean Decade” will be held on Day 3, 3:45 PM.

Held every two years, this will be the first onsite symposium that the organization of marine scientists will conduct since PAMS 15 at Aklan State University in 2019.

Here are the list of MSI studies presented at PAMS 17:

Comparative analysis of shoreline position changes in two small carbonate atoll islands in the West Philippine SeaAnne Drew Carrillo, Mary Rose Gabuyo, Denise Faye Janer, Paolo Emanuel Co, Fernando Siringan
Spatiotemporal dynamics of phytoplankton and their viruses during toxic blooms in Bolinao, northwestern PhilippinesAndrian Gajigan (1), Gianina Apego (2), Jun Tai (3), Garry Benico (4), Aletta Yñiguez (2), Cecilia Conaco (2), Grieg Steward (1)
Onbank and offbank accumulation of Halimeda and other calcareous sediments in Benham Bank, Philippines, west PacificDenise Faye Janer, Edwin Dumalagan Jr., Fernando Siringan, Cesar Villanoy
Reef development in Benham Bank, Philippines, west PacificDenise Faye Janer, Fernando Siringan, Cesar Villanoy
Coral and fish communities at Apo Island marine sanctuary one decade after destruction by typhoonsRene Abesamis (1), Garry Russ (2), Angel Alcala (3)
Effect of iron availability on nitrogen utilization by Symbiodiniaceae species Symbiodinium microadriaticum and Cladocopium goreaui in batch culturesJoshua James Versola, Irene Rodriguez
Seasonality and Modes of Variability of Chlorophyll-a and SST in the Sulu Ridge, PhilippinesFiona Samantha Ajoc, Charina Lyn Repollo, Cesar Villanoy
Spatiotemporal variability of eddies and eddy kinetic energy in the Sulu SeaCrizia Alcantara, Charina Lyn Amedo-Repollo, Cesar Villanoy
Coral diseases in the Western PhilippinesAubrey Jacklynn Abadiano, Giniel Mae Tiongson, Irene Rodriguez
Responses of Stichopus cf. horrens sea cucumber juveniles to exposure to a crab predator Dardanus megistosGiniel Mae Tiongson (1), Marie Antonette Meñez (1), Nadia Abesamis (2)
Accumulation of plastic debris in different coastal habitats in the Western Philippine archipelagoNorchel Corcia Gomez (1), Justine Marey Bitalac (1), Daniel John Purganan (1), Noe Reyes (2), Deo Florence Onda (1)
Effect of sediment enrichment with Sargassum spp. mulch on the growth performance and survival of Stichopus cf. horrens juvenilesGlaiza Ibañez, Rona Soy, Jerwin Baure, Marie Antonette Meñez
Water Quality Measurements to aid in Assessing Transport of Organic Pollutants in East Manila Bay, PhilippinesAnn Elizabeth Enova, Caroline Marie Jaraula, Shyrill Mae Mariano, Cesar Villanoy
Spatial Distribution of Fish Biomass in the Philippines Inferred from a Model Output DatasetAmethyl Mardin Pernito, Charina Lyn Repollo, Cesar Villanoy
Bacterial Community Composition of Submarine Groundwater Discharge Vent-associated Sediments in Mabini, Batangas Reveals High DiversityPaul Christian Gloria (1), Laurence Anthony Mallari (1), Edwin Dumalagan (2), Peter Paul Bucsit (2), Fernando Siringan (2), Deo Florence Onda (2), Maria Auxilia Siringan (1)
Census of potential predators and competitors of sandfish, Holothuria scabra, juveniles during floating hapa ocean nursery cultureJay R Gorospe (1), Racelle Rescordado (2), Marie Antonette Meñez (3), Margarita de la Cruz (2), Paul Southgate (4)
Genetic Time Travel in Philippine FishesKent Carpenter (1), Angel Alcala (2), Malin Pinsky (3), Christopher Bird (4), Abner Bucol (2), Eric Garcia (1), Brendan Reid (3), Sharon Magnuson (4), Mudjekeewis Santos (5), Rene Abesamis (6), Jeffrey Williams (7), Cleto Nañola (8), Richard Muallil (9), John Whalen (1), Jemelyn Baldisimo (1), Rene Clark (3), Ivan Lopez (1), Martin French (4), Roy Roberts (4), Kyra Fitz (3), Jordan Rodriguez (4), Chandell Jablonski (1), Marial Malabag (3), John Schaefer (1)
Effect of wakes onchlorophyll-a at the Benham BankLara Sotto, Janell Sihay, Sam Ajoc, Crizia Alcantara, Tin Bantay, Cesar Villanoy
Gut microbial composition of Holothuria scabra (Holothuroidea) juveniles exhibiting growth variability during rearing in periphyton-based ocean nursery systemsJoselito Tabardillo, Marie Antonette Meñez, Rachel Gotanco
The 2019-20 marine heatwave and jellyfish bloom co-occurrences in the PhilippinesRaven Quilestino-Olario (1), Brenna Mei Concolis (1), Dale Patrick Atup (1), Aiza Cortes (1), Aletta Yñiguez (2), Brisneve Edullantes (1)
Mining genes involved in wastewater treatment through metagenomic analysis of microbial communities in a hyperalkaline spring at Manleluag, PangasinanJuri Nazareth Ochotorena (1), Ma. Carmina Manuel (2), Aprill Manalang (2), Nacita Lantican (2), Maria Genaleen Diaz (2)
Comparison of Marine Heatwave (MHW) and Degree Heating Week (DHW) as a Measure of Heat Stress for Philippine Coral ReefsRachel Francisco, Charina Lyn Repollo, Cesar Villanoy
Heat tolerance variation in acroporid corals of Northwestern PhilippinesJake Ivan Baquiran, John Bennedick Quijano, Adelyn Escobar, Cecilia Conaco
Symbiodiniaceae diversity associated with Philippine giant clamsJohn Bennedick Quijano, Kuselah Tayaban, Jeremiah Noelle Requilme, Sherry Lyn Sayco, Patrick Cabaitan, Cecilia Conaco
Seasonality and effects of substrate depth on settlement, survival, and growth of oyster larvae (Crassostrea iredalei and Saccostrea cucullata) in a tropical estuarine environmentExequiel Gabriel Dizon (1), Charlie Siarot (2), Abigail Javier (3), Roy Ortega (3), Raymond Rodolfo (4), Hillel Cabria (4), Deo Florence Onda (1)
Changes in phytoplankton assemblage coincide with whale shark sightings in Donsol, Sorsogon, Bicol, PhilippinesGianina Cassandra May Apego, Ma. Rica Teresa Dungog-Julve, Aletta Concepcion Yñiguez
Gianina Cassandra May Apego, Ma. Rica Teresa Dungog-Julve, Aletta Concepcion YñiguezJan Danielle Bonita, Deo Florence Onda
Contrasting Response of Two Small, Low-Lying Reef Islets to Sea Level Rise and Storms in the West Philippine SeaJeffrey Munar, Anne Drew Carrillo, Fernando Siringan
Characterizing the mangrove crab Scylla serrata microbiome in response to White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV) infectionAngela Camille Toral (1), Gardel Xyza Libunao (1), Edgar Amar (2), Rachel Gotanco (1)
Examining the progression of White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV) infection in mangrove crab Scylla serrata: Viral load dynamics and infection outcomes assayed using quantitative PCRAngela Camille Toral (1), Gardel Xyza Libunao (1), Dan Joseph Logronio (2), Edgar Amar (3), Rachel Gotanco (1))
Genetic differentiation of Linckia laevigata color morphs in the West Philippine Sea based on mitochondrial COI sequences and microsatellite genotypesReina Victoria Castillo, Rachel June Gotanco
Exploring past ocean temperature variability using 3D X-ray Computed Tomography (3DXCT) in coral cores from the northeastern coast of the PhilippinesMary Margareth Bauyon (1), Remjohn Aron Magtaas (1), Sophia Jobien Limlingan (1), Jeff Darren Valdez (1), Andrei Joshua Yu (1), Rachelle Clien Reyes (1), Araceli Monsada (2), Bee Jay Salon (2), Aldrin Jan Tabuso (2), John Kenneth Valerio (2), Edwin Dumalagan (3), Keanu Jershon Sarmiento (3), Fernando Siringan (3), Angel VII Bautista (4)
Bleaching impact on shallow and upper mesophotic corals in Bolinao, northwestern PhilippinesMarielle Ann Carungay, Jeremiah Noelle Requilme, Francis Gideon Tagnong, Sherry Lyn Sayco, Patrick Cabaitan, Cecilia Conaco
Pilot field trials on the integrated aquaculture of Holothuria scabra, with sea urchin Tripneustes gratilla and rabbitfish Siganus sp. in Silaki Island, Bolinao, PangasinanJulie Clarice Salva, Tomilyn Jan Garpa, Marie Antonette Meñez
Serendipitous extracellular expression in E. coli of two agarase genes from a marine isolate Vibrio sp. A37Marc Jeremie Punzalan (1), Arturo Lluisma (1), Neil Andrew Bascos (2)
Analysis of a complete sponge metagenome-assembled genome identified as Candidatus Poribacteria species reveals significant biosynthethic potentialElaine Romines (1), Paul Christian Gloria (2), Christine Marie Florece (1), Marc Jeremie Punzalan (1), Kreighton Cadorna (1), Lilibeth Salvador-Reyes (1), Arturo Lluisma (1)
Status of growth and reproduction of Sargassum ilicifolium (Fucales, Phaeophyceae) in Bolinao, PangasinanBrix Nester Villafuerte (1), Gregory Nishihara (2), Wilfred John Santiañez (1)
A strategic mapping tool to identify priority essential ocean variables for local ocean service applicationsLeilani Solera, Aiko Love del Rosario, Charina Lyn Amedo-Repollo, Cesar Villanoy
PlastiCount Pilipinas: The first national database for marine plastics pollution in the PhilippinesRicardo Alindayu II, Lance Oliver Licnachan, Ramgem Luzadas, Paul Samuel Ignacio, Deo Florence Onda
Size-dependent predation on juvenile sandfish, Holothuria scabra by seagrass-associated crabsOlivier Josh Caasi, Marie Antonette Meñez
Elevated Iodine-129 levels of Seawater in the West Philippine Sea: An updateRachelle Clien Reyes (1), Sophia Jobien Limlingan (1), Mary Margareth Bauyon (1), Remjohn Aron Magtaas (1), Andrei Joshua Yu (1), Jeff Darren Valdez (1), Jeffrey Munar (2), Edwin Dumalagan Jr. (2), Caroline Marie Jaraula (2), Fernando Siringan (2), Haruka Kasuno (3), Miwako Toya (3), Hiroyuki Matsuzaki (3), Angel Bautista VII (4)
Investigating the North Equatorial Current bifurcation of nuclear bomb radionuclides from the Pacific Proving Grounds through iodine-129 in coral cores along the East PhilippinesAngel Bautista VII (1), Sophia Jobien Limlingan (1), Jeff Darren Valdez (1), Mary Magareth Bauyon (1), Remjohn Aron Magtaas (1), Andrei Joshua Yu (1), Rachel Clien Reyes (1), Arvin Jagonoy (1), Joseph Michael Racho (1), Aldrin Jan Tabuso (2), John Kenneth Valerio (2), Araceli Monsada (2), Edwin Dumalagan, Jr. (3), Keanu Jershon Sarmiento (3), Miwako Toya (4), Fernando Siringan (3), Hiroyuki Matsuzaki (4)
Initial insights on the effects of microplastic ingestion on the growth rate of Crassostrea iredalei spatLaurence Insigne (1), Deo Florence Onda (1), Exequiel Gabriel Dizon (1), Randel Ruado (1), Neon Tomas Rosell II (2), Hillel Cabria (2), Raymond Rodolfo (2)
Begging for the Bare Minimum: Challenges and Opportunities in doing Correlative Ecological Niche Modelling of Marine Phytoplankton in the PhilippinesJahannah Victoria Calpito, Deo Florence Onda
Spatiotemporal variability of chlorophyll-a concentration in Bohol Sea (Mindanao Sea), PhilippinesJanell Carmina Sihay, Charina Lyn Repollo, Cesar Villanoy
Trends, gaps, and directions of marine plastic pollution studies in the PhilippinesRonan Baculi, Deo Florence Onda
Reef fisheries in the northeastern Philippine coasts and the Philippine Rise regionMary Joyce Velos (1), Joseph Benedict Garcia (1), Hazel Arceo (2)
Characteristics of Marine Heatwaves in the Philippine SeasBrisneve Edullantes (1), Brenna Mei Concolis (1), Raven Quilestino-Olario (1), Dale Patrick Atup (1), Aiza Cortes (1), Aletta Yñiguez (2)
Analysis of coastal complexity vis-à-vis mariculture suitabilityHannah Eunice Amihan, Laura David
Spatiotemporal patterns of marine litter in the Kalayaan Island Group, West Philippine SeaRobert Bryan Casauay, Deo Florence Onda
Mangrove extent change in the West Philippine Sea rimEileen Peñaflor (1), Hannah Eunice Amihan (1), Rene Rollon (2), Laura David (1)
Shoreline changes due to the construction of Agoo fish port pier using multi-temporal satellite imagery and DSASAngelo Maon, Fernando Siringan
Ancestral expansion of symbiosis-related gene families in the tridacnine lineageGabriella Juliane Maala, Keana Tan, Cecilia Conaco
Promoting marine and earth science studies conducted in the Philippines through short Facebook videosPaul Flores (1), Jamela Jirah Clemente (2)
Spatial variability in bleaching prevalence of shallow-water corals in the Bolinao-Anda Reef ComplexFrancis Gideon Tagnong, Marielle Ann Carungay, Jeremiah Noelle Requilme, Sherry Lyn Sayco, Patrick Cabaitan, Cecilia Conaco
Exploring the use of hXRF in coral cores for reconstructing records of paleoclimate variations in NE Philippine watersRemjohn Aron Magtaas (1), Mary Margareth Bauyon (1), Andrei Joshua Yu (1), Rachelle Clien Reyes (1), Edwin Dumalagan Jr. (2), Keanu Jershon Sarmiento (2), Fernando Siringan (2), Angel Bautista VII (1)
People and reefs: An update on the status of coral reef fisheries in the PhilippinesHazel Arceo (1), Robert Bryan Casauay (2), Porfirio Aliño (2)
Waves and Extreme Wave Events around Pagasa Atoll ReefsAiko Love del Rosario, Cesar Villanoy
Evaluation of HF Radar Direction Finding algorithms for mapping Luzon Strait Ocean CurrentsAiko Love del Rosario (1), Charina Lyn Repollo (1), Cesar Villanoy (1), Pierre Flament (2)
Characterizing the role of cultivable primo-colonizing bacteria from Manila Bay on the fate of polyethyleneJustine Marey Bitalac (1), Nacit Lantican (2), Norchel Corcia Gomez (1), Deo Florence Onda (1)
The eukaryotic and prokaryotic communities associated with a dinoflagellate (Takayama sp., Kareniaceae) bloom in Bolinao, Northwestern Philippines as revealed by SSU rRNA gene-based taxonomic profiling of whole metagenome sequence dataKreighton Cadorna, Lora Burgos, Deo Florence Onda, Aletta Yñiguez, Arturo Lluisma
Genetic diversity and population structure of the mackerel scad (Decapterus macarellus) in the Philippines revealed by mitochondrial COI sequencesGiniel Mae Tiongson (1), Marie Antonette MeñezZae-Zae Aguinaldo (1), Ricardo Babaran (2), Arturo Lluisma (1)
Limited spread of antibiotic resistance genes from source locations in river-estuary systemsMichael Joseph Negrito (1), Kim Henri Alonzo (2), Deo Florence Onda (1), Analiza Rollon (3), Arturo Lluisma (1)
eDNA metabarcoding reveals the patterns of open-water eukaryote distribution in the Tubbataha Reefs Natural ParkPhilip Ariel Alfonso, Caroline Marie Jaraula, Arturo Lluisma
Monitoring vessels in the vicinity of Pag-Asa Island using AIS DataJonathan Quiambao, Charina Lyn Repollo, Cesar Villanoy
5-Year Water Quality Monitoring of Davao River BasinTimothy Glenn Iringan (1), Marmelou Popes (1), Shyrill Mae Mariano (1), Mary Antoinette Limen (1), Diana Aga (2), Caroline Marie Jaraula (1)
Bioreactor-based production of metabolites from Amycolatopsis sp. R2A-818 with potential antiproliferative activity against human colorectal cancer cell linesJoshua Veluz (1), Raymond Cristobal (1), Shalice Susana (1), Lilibeth Salvador-Reyes (1), Maria Auxilia Siringan (2)
Quantifying the erosion rates of siliciclastic, carbonate and mixed-siliciclastic carbonate coasts of Northern La Union using multi-temporal satellite imageryJamela Jirah Clemente (1), Fernando Siringan (1), Yvainne Sta.Maria (1), Angelo Maon (1), Ellen Mae Carmelo (2), Ara Rivina Malaya (2), Floribeth Cuison (2)
Shoreline changes due to the construction of Agoo fish port pier (seawall, groins, and pier) using multi-temporal satellite imagery and DSASAngelo Maon (1), Fernando Siringan (1), Ma. Yvainne Sta. Maria (1), Jamela Jirah Clemente (1), Ellen Mae Carmelo (2), Ara Rivina Malaya (2), Floribeth Cuison (2)
Tidal and diel variations of physicochemical parameters of hydrothermally induced submarine groundwater discharge areas in Mabini, BatangasMarmelou Popes, Timothy Glenn Iringan, Mishel Valery Rañada, Peter Paul Bucsit, Ann Elizabeth Enova, Shyrill Mae Mariano, Edwin Dumalagan Jr., Fernando Siringan, Caroline Marie Jaraula
A glimpse of the world in biotic crisis from marine and terrestrial lipid biological marker recordsCaroline Marie Jaraula
Application of Thoron (Radon-220) as a tracer of submarine groundwater discharge in the coastal areas of Mabini, BatangasPeter Paul Bucsit, Marmelou Popes, Ann Elizabeth Enova, Mishel Valery Rañada, Cesar Villanoy, Caroline Marie Jaraula
Comparison between visual census and baited remote underwater video systems in assessing reef fish communities in the Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park, PalawanChloie Mae Libatog (1), Joseph Benedict Garcia (2), Hazel Arceo (1)
Growth and biochemical composition of the marine microalgae Tetraselmis tetrahele under varying nitrate and iron concentrationsDolly Manic, Richard Redil, Irene Rodriguez
Microphytoplankton community structure and cellular paralytic shellfish toxin (PST) content in four harmful algal bloom (HAB)-prone bays in the PhilippinesRichard Redil, Dolly Manic, Paolo Carlo Calalang, Irene Rodriguez
Impact of solid-based piers and ports on selected coastlines in Region 1Ma Yvainne Sta Maria, Fernando Siringan
Coping with Coastal Erosion: The Case of Sitio Berlin, Alaska, Aringay, La UnionEllen Mae Carmelo (1), Ma. Yvainne Sta Maria (1), Jamela Jirah Clemente (1), Angelo Maon (1), Floribeth Cuison (2), Ara Rivina Malaya (2), Fernando Siringan (1)
Interactive effects of Zinc and Cobalt on the growth of Symbiodiniaceae Breviolum minutum and Fugacium kawagutii in batch culturesJoshua James Versola, Giniel Mae Tiongson, Irene Rodriguez
Variation of submarine groundwater discharge and overall substrate cover in Mabini, BatangasEdwin Dumalagan Jr., Gayle Adrienne Gelera, Peter Paul Bucsit, Fernando Siringan
Evaluating possible lipid biological markers for seagrass Halophila sp. in an area influenced by submarine groundwater discharge in Mabini, BatangasWilliam Dimalanta, Michael Roleda, Caroline Marie Jaraula
The marine phase of paleo-Laguna Lake (6.6 to 5.1 ka): A reconstructed sediment archive of its redox, primary productivity, and watershed inputChris Carl Agustin Toyado, Fernando Siringan, Caroline Marie Jaraula
Phases of environmental change deduced from sediment deposits in Coastal Lagoon Boracay Island, PhilippinesMishel Valery Rañada (1), Neil Sturchio (2), Mahmoud Sherif (2), Angel Bautista VII (3), Caroline Marie Jaraula (1)
Natal source assignment and connectivity of leopard coral grouper, Plectropomus leopardus, in Western Philippines based on otolith elemental fingerprintsJoey Cabasan (1), Hazel Arceo (2), Nathan Miller (3), Maria Vanessa Rodriguez (1)
Lipid biological markers of sediments influenced by submarine groundwater discharge (SGD) in Mabini, BatangasIris Marie Mabanta, Caroline Marie Jaraula
Acoustic-based mapping of submarine groundwater discharge and substrate off Southeast Calumpan Peninsula, Batangas Bay, PhilippinesGayle Adrienne Gelera, Edwin Dumalagan, Fernando Siringan
Marine heatwave and its potential impacts to upwelling regions around the PhilippinesCharina Lyn Repollo
Identification of commercially-harvested scallops using DNA sequence and restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis of the 16s mitochondrial regionInggat Laya Casilagan, Tambihasan Ahalnida
ARRAS and sonar validation of Lawak and Patag Island reef satellite imagery as basis of the Kalayaan Island Group coral reef extentsLaurice Janette Dagum (1), Hannah Eunice Amihan (1), Brianna Bambic (2), Eileen Peñaflor (1), Maricor Soriano (3), Wilfredo Roehl Licuanan (4), Laura David (1)
Foraminiferal assemblage of surface sediments from the Tubbataha Reefs Natural ParkJakob Decena (1), Allan Gil Fernando (1), Mishel Valery Rañada (2), Caroline Marie Jaraula (2)
Participatory development of a citizen science coastal survey module to empower local communities in coastal management and MPA EstablishmentRebecca Georgia Yu, Ma. Josefa Pante, Bella Sheila Albasin, Aldwin Almo, Mark John Manalo, Laura David
Sexual reproduction of the octocoral Paralemnalia thyrsoides (ehrenberg) in Panacalan Island, Anda, PangasinanRhea Mae Luciano, Christine Baran, Christine Segumalian, Maria Vanessa Rodriguez
High abundance and diversity of soft corals in Tingloy, Batangas – a clear water reef in the Verde Island PassageChristine Baran, Carmela Maria Berba, Rhea Mae Luciano, Maria Vanessa Rodriguez
Community structure and abundance of fishes in submarine groundwater discharge-influenced areas in Batangas, PhilippinesIgnacio Luigi Catolico, Katya Bonilla, Maryjune Cabiguin, Edwin Dumalagan, Maria Vanessa Rodriguez, Fernando Siringan
Octocoral community dynamics in select degraded reef northwestern PhilippinesOctocoral community dynamics in select degraded reef northwestern Philippines
Zooplankton community structure in the Dipolog Strait and Western Bohol Sea during the MY Panata Cruise on December 2021Krystal Paulie Bilolo (1), Ephrime Metillo (1), Cesar Villanoy (2)
Larval settlement and survivorship of two brain corals, Favites colemani and Platygyra cf. pini, in Kalangga Reef, Zambales, Western Luzon, PhilippinesMaria Vannessa Rodriguez (1), Jeric Diocton (1), Charlon Ligson (1), Darryl Anthony Valino (1), Karen Claire Chan (2), Regis Bruant Jr. (3), Peter Harrison (4)
First report of two species of armored dinoflagellates Alexandrium in Masinloc Bay, Zambales, Central LuzonGarry Benico (1), Samantha Patricia Esteban (1), Mitsunori Iwataki (2), Robert Jay Ramos (3), Deo Florence Onda (3)
Reproductive status of corals at Malabrigo Fish Sanctuary, Lobo, BatangasElizabeth Gomez (1), Dexter Dela Cruz (2), Peter Harrison (2)
Groundwater quality in Pag-asa Island, West Philippine SeaValerie Culis (1), Mary Rose Gabuyo (1), Paolo Emanuel Co (1), Raffi Isah (1), Ryuichi Shinjo (2), Charissa Ferrera (1), Fernando Siringan (1)
Oceanographic features along the Verde Island Passage, Philippines, and their possible link to biodiversityJohn Darryl Lagdameo, Maria Anna Michaela De La Cruz, Exequiel Gabriel Dizon, Jacquelyn Peran, Cesar Villanoy, Deo Florence Onda, Charissa Ferrera
Spatio-temporal variability of water quality and carbonate chemistry in submarine groundwater discharge sites in Malilnep Channel, Bolinao, PangasinanAces Joseph San Pedro (1), Raffi Isah, Valerie Culis (2), Jherome Co (2), John Darryl Lagdameo (2), Timothy Glenn Iringan (2), Rica Allana Tavita (2), Celestine Marie Dalida (2), Fernando Siringan (2), Charissa Ferrera (2)
Foraminifera distribution in core 1 sediments from Bird Islet, Tubbataha Reef, Sulu SeaMa. Catherina De La Cruz (1), Alyssa Peleo-Alampay (1), Leopoldo De Silva Jr. (1), Caroline Marie Jaraula (2), John Burtkenley Ong (3)
Variability in water quality and carbonate chemistry in transition zones in Bolinao, Pangasinan, PhilippinesJohn Rupert Bernabe (1), Raffi Isah (2), Jherome Co (2), Jose Nickolo Perez (2), Jay Burce (2), Valerie Culis (2), Celestine Marie Dalida (2), Timothy Glenn Iringan (2), John Darryl Lagdameo (2), Rica Allana Tavita (2), Charissa Ferrera (2)
Downcore distribution of foraminifera in Bird Islet Tubbataha Reefs Natural ParkTwinkle Kang (1), Alyssa Peleo-Alampay (1), Leopoldo de Silva Jr. (1), Caroline Marie Jaraula (2), John Burtkenley Ong (3)
Analysis of water quality and carbonate chemistry parameters in Balangkayan Mangrove Park, Samar, Philippines, nine years after Typhoon YolandaBillie Elica Lorete (1), Jherome Co (2), William Dimalanta (2), Eugene Herrera (3), Bryan Clark Hernandez (3), Maria Lourdes Mc Glone (2), Charissa Ferrera (2)
Wet season temporal variability of water quality and carbonate chemistry parameters in fishpond areas at Batan Bay, Aklan, PhilippinesRogie Bautista (1), Celestine Marie Dalida (2), Francoise Hanz Detriech Almarza (3), Ryan Basina (4), Maria Lourdes McGlone (2), Masaya Yoshikai (5), Charissa Ferrera (2)
Taxonomic identity of a blue sponge inferred from its complete mitochondrial genome sequence is incongruent with taxonomic assignment based on its morpho-anatomical characteristicsArturo Lluisma, Elaine Romines, Geminne Manzano, Kreighton Cadorna, Marc Jeremie Punzalan, Christine Marie Florece, Maria Vanessa Rodriguez, Lilibeth Salvador-Reyes
The first evidence of cannibalism detected in Sardinella lemuru with COI minibarcodeGiniel Mae Tiongson (1), Marie Antonette Meñez (1), Nadia Abesamis (2)Joseph Dominic Palermo (1), Kevin Labrador (2), Altair Agmata (2), Ma. Josefa Pante (2)
Spatial and Temporal Variability of Water Quality and Carbonate Chemistry in Submarine Groundwater Discharge Sites in Mabini, BatangasPrincess Vinia Putulin (1), Valerie D. Culis (2), Timothy Glenn P. Iringan (2), Jong Dumalagan (2), Gayle Adrienne L. Gelera (2), Marmelou Popes (2), Peter Paul Bucsit (2), Caroline Marie B. Jaraula (2), Fernando P. Siringan (2), Charissa M. Ferrera (2)