Congratulations to Dr. Wilfred John Santiañez for being chosen for the Blue Pioneers Accelerator Program

UP MSI would like to extend its congratulations to Dr. Wilfred John Santiañez as he has been chosen to be among this year’s cohort of the Blue Pioneers Accelerator Program.

With 104 applicants, who are all innovators working on overcoming challenges that the ocean faces through their personal initiatives, we proudly recognize Dr. Santiañez’ achievement.

For two weeks, the Blue Pioneers Fellows, emerging leaders from different industries and backgrounds will be having in-person classes, field trips, and networking events to share knowledge and experiences with each other. They will also be learning from practitioners and academics and academics from organizations in Silicon Valley and Central Coast California.

After the program, they will be joining a growing global network of Blue Pioneers with now over 100 members.